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Ryukakusan Throat

Ryukakusan Throat

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A granulated herbal medicine that can be taken anytime, anywhere without water. For coughs, phlegm, or hoarseness and throat discomfort caused by inflammation.


  • This product can be taken anytime, anywhere without water.

  • The finely powdered herbal ingredients act directly on the mucous membrane of the throat to relieve coughs, phlegm, or hoarseness and sore throats caused by inflammation.

  • Ryukakusan does not contain ingredients that cause drowsiness.


  • Cough, phlegm, or hoarseness, irritation, and discomfort of the throat caused by inflammation.

Dosage and Administration

  • Take as directed below, without water. Leave at least 2 hours between doses.

Age Single Dose Doses per Day
Adult (over 15) 1 stick 6
11 to 14 2/3 stick 6
7 to 10 1/2 stick 6
3 to 6 1/3 stick 6
Under 3 Do not use  

Precautions for Dosage and Administration

  1. Always follow the dosage and administration instructions carefully.

  2. This product should only be given to children when under the guidance and supervision of an adult.

Ingredients, Quantity

6 sticks (4.2g, usual daily dose for adults) contain the following:

Active Ingredient Content
Powdered platycodon root 84.0mg
Powdered senega 4.2mg
Powdered glycyrrhiza 102.0mg
Powdered apricot kernel 15.0mg
Powdered ginseng 84.0mg
Powdered gambir 8.4mg

Other ingredients: Potato starch, anhydrous silicic acid, erythritol, citric acid, L-menthol, flavoring agent, food yellow no.5, and food blue no.1

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