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Shiseido Anessa Moisture UV gel for sensitive skin SPF 35+ PA +++ 资生堂 安耐晒 保湿紫外线凝胶 敏感肌适用

Shiseido Anessa Moisture UV gel for sensitive skin SPF 35+ PA +++ 资生堂 安耐晒 保湿紫外线凝胶 敏感肌适用

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〈Sunscreen Gel〉90g
SPF35+・PA+++ For face and body
スキンケア成分赤ちゃんにも使える *新生児を除くUVブロック膜が強くなる無添加 無着色 無香料 *アルコール無添加 防腐剤(ハラペン)無添加 鉱物油無添加石けんで落とせる

Mild sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin and babies
*Excluding newborns

Key Factors ofMoisture UV Mild Gel N

Gentle UV protection for sensitive skin.

Developed based on a hypoallergenic formula, the gel can be used on sensitive skin and for babies* and children. Contains no additives**, fragrance, or colorant. The UV Protective veil is enhanced by exposure to sweat or water.

It also contains 50% skincare ingredients, can be used as makeup primer, and is easily removed with soap.

Features of Moisture UV Mild Gel N

Formulated with beauty ingredients, the mild gel protects skin from dryness and damage from UV rays, keeping skin moisturized.

Licorice-derived ingredient*1, super hyaluronic acid*2, glycerin

*1 Glycyrrhetinic acid *2 Sodium acetylhyaluronate
  • Hypoallergenic formula good for babies* and children
  • Additive**-, fragrance- and colorant-free
  • Contains UV protection agents and skincare ingredients extracted from carefully selected materials
  • “Aqua Booster EX Technology” makes the UV protection veil uniform and stronger upon contact with sweat or water
  • Environmental damage-protect formula that protects skin from fine particles in the air and UV rays
  • Easily removable with soap
  • Keeps skin moisturized for a long time
  • Water-resistant : Water resistance verified by a 40-minute bathing test
  • Can be used as makeup primer
  • Beautifying effect*** for natural, radiant, and transparent skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • *Excluding newborns
    *Especially for babies under 1 year old, who have immature skin, follow safe skincare practices, such as avoiding sun exposure at peak hours, when the sun is the strongest.
    **Free from alcohol, preservatives/parabens, mineral oil
    ***Thanks to a radiant finish
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