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UYEKI Daniclin Deodorizing and Sanitizing Type 250mL

UYEKI Daniclin Deodorizing and Sanitizing Type 250mL

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The components of daniclin are、It is not an insecticidal component, like insecticides, that directly kills ticks。

It is a tick countermeasure product that is hard to get away with the ingredients that mites dislike。

It is easy to spray processing on your futon or carpet now。Add deodorant disinfection。

Daniclin Deodorizing and Sanitizing Type 250mL


  • Futons and Tatami、Just spray carpets, sofas, etc.。The reluctant components of the mite make it difficult to sedg them.。
  • In consideration of safety、Less irritation to the skin even when used for bedding、There is no problem even if the sprayed place touches the mouth。
  • What to wash, such as sheets、About 2-3 times by washing、If it is tatami and carpet, the effect lasts for about one month。
  • Suppresses the feeling of stickiness after spraying and finishes smoothly。(Compared to our conventional products)

How to use 

Lightly sprinkle the container、I'll put the lid up.、Spray about 30 cm apart。
※1m2About 5 to 6 times per time is a guide。

  1. futon:Remove sheets and covers、rubbish、Dust and spray、I'll dry it in the shade.。
    sheet、The cover is washed, sprayed and dried in the shade.。
  2. Carpet Tatami:Vacuuming、rubbish、Dust and spray、Let it dry naturally。
    ※Carpets and tatami take time to dry.。Please observe the amount of use、
    Please use with plenty of time before drying.。

In order to use effectively
For the tick prevention、It is important to keep your home clean.。
Use daniclin regularly、Even during use of daniclin、To get rid of mites, carcasses and fung、Please keep in mind thorough cleaning and washing.。

Precautions for use 

  • Do not use for other purposes。
  • If this agent is applied to something other than the application, wipe off。
  • Wash off any skin with this medicine.。
  • If you are worried about the effect on your skin or are sensitive to the smell,、Spray and try something like a hand towel before using。
  • Stop using if it does not fit the skin or if you are concerned about the smell.。
  • Discolored objects (e.g. new tatami or cloth)、Easy to shrink (silk, rayon, etc.)、What can't be washed、Try in a discreet place in advance before using。 
  • Ventilate when spraying、I'm inhaling it.、Be careful not to get in your eyes。
  • Because it may become a stain、Do not spray in large quantities in the same place。
  • After spraying on tatami and carpets、Because this agent may adhere to the feet and slippers and the flooring etc. may be sticky、While it's not dry、Walk、Be careful not to stagger。
  • Out of reach of children、Store in a place away from direct sunlight。
  • Do not store in places where they freeze or become hot。
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