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Yoru Osoi Gohan Demo Nemutteruaidani 28 days 新谷酵素夜迟睡眠瘦身(甜睡配方) 28 days

Yoru Osoi Gohan Demo Nemutteruaidani 28 days 新谷酵素夜迟睡眠瘦身(甜睡配方) 28 days

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A new type of body make-up supplement from the popular “Yoru Osoi Gohan Demo” series! The product is based on an entirely new concept of promoting the burning of fat during sleeping hours. It contains ingredients that give you deep sleep and enhanced fat burning in adults.

In addition to live active enzymes, it contains glycine, ornithine, and arginine to create a beautiful body while you sleep. It is an enzyme supplement that is nice for "people who like comfort anyway". While your gastrointestinal tract rests, your body will have a chance to restore itself as you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

How to Use

Take 7 tablets a day as a guide, consume with water or warm water. Consume 30 mins before or after meals for best results

 Product Warning

● The use of additives (excipients) to harden tablets is avoided as much as possible, which may cause the tablets to lose their shape.
● Due to the use of natural ingredients, the color may differ, but there is no problem with the quality.
● In rare cases, it may not fit depending on your constitution and physical condition. In that case, please reduce the amount or stop using it.
● If you are in a medical institution, please consult your doctor.
● If you have food allergies, please refer to the ingredient name display.
● Keep out of reach from children

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